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  • Plumbing design & installation (new/upgrade)

  • Gas installation (new/upgrade)

  • Fireplace  (INSTALL/REPAIR)

  • Boiler installation (new/upgrade)

  • Fire suppression systems (new, alteration, repair) 

  • Radiant in-floor design/installation

  • Instantaneous water heater (new, alteration, repair)

  • Heating: (hydronic, forced air & heat pumps)

  • Sewer/water connections (access to excavation heavy equipment)

  • Outdoor pools and pool systems 



As a mechanical contractor we have been a part of shaping the Western Communities and providing over 578 units in over 10 condo buildings on time and on budget. When it comes to providing full mechanical systems in the high pressure world of condo building being efficient, on budget and completing on time is our specialty.



When it comes to commercial spaces it's critical that your mechanical systems are working smoothly together to keep your business moving forward stress-free. Over the years we have worked with restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, BCLDB Cannabis stores, storage facilities, and retail stores with new systems, upgrades, or general maintenance of plumbing, heating, gas, HVAC and sprinkler work. 

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Whether it's building a new home or renovating, our expert experience can provide all the plumbing, heating, gas, sprinkler, HVAC, inground pool or sewer upgrade/connections required. We work worth contractors and homeowners providing a cost-effective and efficient way to meet all your needs. 

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